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Dr. Tom Pousti

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Liposuction Testimonials

San Diego Liposuction Patients Speak About Dr. Pousti

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“I am a medical malpractice attorney, and recently had liposuction performed by Dr. Tom Pousti. Because of my professional experience, I’ve seen the good doctors, the bad and some ugly results on people who come to me as a last resort. They should have gone to Dr. Pousti first, for the reasons I did, and you should.

Some plastic surgeons, in Beverly Hills, tout themselves as “doctors to the stars”. I think a much more impressive byline would be “doctor to the lawyers”. Many a doctor would politely decline to perform an elective procedure on a lawyer for obvious reasons. Dr. Pousti, however, can boast of many lawyers who are his satisfied patients. And let me tell you, it takes a very confident and competent doctor to cut one of us!

Dr. Pousti is more than just competent. He is the very best plastic surgeon. He has top training, experience, employs cutting edge (no pun intended!), technical skills and performs artistry (a requirement as a plastic surgeon). Equally important, he has a wonderful bedside manner and he truly cares about his patients and their satisfaction. His staff is professional, as is the Grossmont surgical center where procedures are performed.

Liposuction, performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, is really “body sculpture, and can erase years of fat & flab which resists diet and exercise. For the first time in many years, after numerous diets, countess exercise programs, aerobic classes and personal trainers, my paunch and love handles are gone! And it only took one morning. My only question is why did I wait so long? The answer is: I didn’t know Dr. Pousti earlier. Thanks Dr. Tom Pousti. ”



In a week or so it will be one year since I had my surgery, and I thought I’d drop you a line just to let you know how I’m doing. Yes, I’ve put back on a bit more weight, but I’ve also spent a lot of time in the gym, so I’m hoping that it’s mostly muscle. And the compliments that I started receiving about my appearance last summer just keep coming. In fact, for some reason, a lot of people have just noticed my chest for the first time last month, right after the holidays. Of course, the compliments are really gratifying (and deserved….hey, I’m pleased with the way I look!). Anyway, at age 42 I’m probably in the best shape of my life. And I owe it all to you…the lipo and implants really got me motivated to get in shape and diet properly, and I haven’t wavered from that all year. Once again, thanks for everything. And I really wish I had gotten all this done 10 or 15 years ago…


I decided to go in for a consultation with Dr. Pousti at a point in my life when I just decided it was time to do something nice for myself for a change. I had been working excessive hours for many months, and I knew that I had a chance for a week off coming up; I was too exhausted to go on a vacation (besides, my work keeps my on travel a lot; I just wanted to stay at home), so I decided to go ahead, gather some nerve, and look into this cosmetic surgery that I had been mulling over for nearly a year.

Am I ever glad that I did! This is my first experience with this sort of thing. From the very first day, I was extremely impressed by the time and level of care that Dr. Pousti and the members of his staff showed me. Dr. Pousti consistently went out of his way to ensure that I understood my options, the likely results, and what I should expect during the recovery stage of my procedures. And this level of concern persisted well past the operation itself; I suspect that many physicians might tend to give you a pretty low priority after the actual operation had been completed, but this was certainly not the case with Dr. Pousti. I was receiving calls from his office months after the procedure, just making sure that things were okay with me. I was extremely impressed by this.

And how were the results of my procedures?
To say that I am satisfied would be an understatement. I had my operation last March. Through the summer, I repeatedly had people complimenting me on my appearance. I’m 42 years old, and this is something that has never happened to me before! Dr. Pousti did such a good job, it really motivated me to adhere to a good diet, as well as spend time regularly in the gym. As a result, I’m probably in the best shape I’ve been in since my early twenties. I now make a point of scoping out his website every few weeks, just in case he offers any new procedures that might interest me. Obviously, I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone pursuing or even considering Cosmetic Surgery.


I am a patient of Dr. Pousti and I live very close to the Philadelphia area. I had my procedure back in Sept. of 2001….I do and have in the past recommended Dr. Pousti to all my friends and family….his work is impeccable. He has the ability to look at the body with an artist over-all view to create shape, contour and balance. I found him to be soft spoken, extremely professional and polite before, during and after my procedure and my many office visits. He has a wonderful bedside manner and so does his office staff. They made me feel comfortable and at home, like a member of the family.

~ Terri


My experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff has changed me forever. I had come to a point in my life that I had tomake a decision. I eat healthy, I exercise and no matter how lowe my body fat was, I could not loose weight in my “problem areas”. Ladies I think you know what I’m talking about. Genetics are evil in my family. I was unhappy with the way my clothes fit, the way I looked in a bathing suit and was tired of NEVER being able to find a good fit in a pair of jeans. I had done lots of reading and talking to people about plastic surgery in general. I spent a good 8 months thinking about it. I made the jump and started scheduling consultations. I had seen 2 doctors prior to my consult with Dr. Pousti and had just about given up. I had my consultation with Dr. Pousti and that is when I know he was the right doctor. He was kind, truthful and spent alot of time with me. I decided to have the surgery that minute. I was not leaving his office untilI had a surgery date. Dr. Pousti walked my through the whole process to make sure that things went smoothly and they did. The nurses were fabulous, the office staff was great! I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. It has been almost 2 months after surgery and I look and feel great. It has changed the way I think about myself on the outside but more importantly on the inside. Thank you Dr. Pousti.

~ Dana


After years of dressing to camouflage my floppy breasts and saggy belly, and of having to exercise in long loose shirts and full support bras, and of pulling pillows up against my stomach when I was lying on my side (to hide the skin and flab beside me that was my constant sleeping companion), and of swatting away my partner’s hands when attempting to “caress” that part of my body – I finally decided to really do something about it. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast enhancement, and some side liposuction. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I am and have always been very athletic – walking, swimming, hiking, crunches, pushups, etc., and yet while my muscles are and were taut… the skin over the muscles, that had originally held all of my extra weight (mostly my breasts and belly), just stayed there. Strange as it sounds, the more weight I lost (35 lbs recently, but years ago 65 lbs after pregnancy) the worse my front side looked. I was and am at my ideal weight, yet my breasts were flat and hung down without any real mass to them, and the skin on my belly skin was marred with stretch marks which extended both over and under my natural “waste” line. When wearing anything other than granny underwear, the underwear would simply roll under my belly and stay there. And, although this is kind of personal it probably applies to at least some of you considering the procedure, I had a pooch of fat over “that” area… the pubic hair area. Nothing I did could get rid of the skin, the scars, and the sagging that started at my breasts and continued down my front side.

On my first visit, Dr. Pousti asked then really listened to my requests. I knew what I wanted done. I wanted all of my loose skin and flab removed, and nice natural B cup breasts with the fullness in the bottom, not the top. I brought in pictures of the big No-Nos, such as those huge bulbous breasts sitting on top of chests looking like hard immobile rocks, and I brought in pictures of natural looking breasts (some of which were the “before” pictures in Dr. Pousti’s albums). I brought in pictures of women with flat stomachs. Dr. Pousti was very patient with me and explained everything about each procedure. He kindly suggested/insisted that I come in and talk with other patients who had undergone the same procedures. On several more visits, I came in and talked privately with other women who had been through the various procedures. Every single patient I talked to had nothing but good words for and about Dr. Pousti and every single patient was happy with their results. Every visit with Dr. Pousti and his staff was positive and personal, and I never, ever felt like just another patient nor a dollar sign.

The week before surgery I was very, very excited and very, very scared. Scared that I would come out a surgical nightmare… what if my breasts were too high, too fake looking or lopsided… what if I ended up with a horrid scars under my breasts or on my belly or had lumps of fat here and there that the doctor couldn’t get rid of… what if I got infections… what if I ended up with ugly puckers on the ends of the scars… what if the results of the surgery were such that I STILL had to hide my body while naked??? Two days before my surgery was scheduled I almost canceled. I was a mess and, well, I was a big-old-baby (or perhaps a different “B” word would be a more accurate description, depending on who you ask). However, the feelings passed and I had surgery as planned. I woke up and it was as if the good-fairy had waived her magic wand over me. I could not be happier, and none, not one, of my pre-surgery fears came to fruition.
I now have a perfect set of natural looking full size B breasts, a completely flat stomach and a belly button of perfection! I wear a bikini (in public), can wear low-rise pants and shorts with tank tops, and can tuck in my shirts without seeing the usual middle-aged mom “tri-fold” (you know, bulge from boobs followed by bulge above the belt, followed by bulge below the belt). I can look down and SEE my pubic area – even when sitting!!! Please feel free to look at the pictures on the web site (I’m in the bikini “after” shot), but keep in mind that the pictures alone can not tell you how much my self-esteem has changed, or how much I now enjoy putting clothes on, or how much I now enjoy looking in the mirror every morning, or how much I love not having to grab something to cover myself up when naked so no one would see my embarrassing body.

The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that I would say to any woman considering the procedure is to realize that as you are talking to those of us who have gone through the procedure and who are (all of us) giddy with our new bodies and boosted body image – is to remind us to tell you about the surgery itself and the recovery. The actual surgery is a breeze from the patient’s standpoint. Everyone at the surgery center is sweet as can be and understanding, and you really won’t remember much about the ride home. The next day, however, is a different story. When the meds wear off – holy cow – it hurts ferociously. (Take the pain meds before you feel the excruciating pain come back.) The first three weeks are very, very, very painful – more than I had expected. You have to sleep sitting up with pillows behind you and under your legs for the first two to three weeks, then you have to lay flat on your back for another few weeks. You can’t stand up completely straight for many weeks. You have to be helped to get out of bed for the first several days. You will have disgusting drainage tubes sticking out of you which can pinch and pull, and when the Dr. removes them, it really hurts bad! But, as with childbirth, you sort of forget about it because you have something so special and so fantastic that the pain fades from your memory. With childbirth you have the miracle of a new and beautiful baby. With Dr. Pousti’s surgery, you have the miracle of a new and beautiful body. It is well worth it, and the pain just passes from memory. Yes, the recovery is slow, slow, slow – but then you wake up one day and find you are back to normal. Two weeks ago (at 7 weeks post surgery) I still couldn’t completely stand up straight, couldn’t walk more than a few blocks, and was certain that I would never be back to participating in athletics. Then, during my 7th and 8th week I recovered so fast and so completely that just two days ago, at nine weeks post tummy-tuck, breast lift, breast enhancement and liposuction – I successfully completed an eight-mile mountain hike. I’m back to doing everything I was doing before surgery. So, if you have the tummy-tuck with or without other procedures – be patient, baby yourself for the first two months, relax and it will all fall into place – and you will be happier than you can imagine.

Oh. The only other downfall is that you will need new clothes. Bummer. You’ll have to shop for new pants and jeans. Tee shirts and spaghetti strap tops. Shorts without pleats. Bathing suits. You will have to donate your long and loose fitting shirts and your pleated trousers (as you will have nothing left to fill in those pleats anymore). You have to start borrowing clothes from your high school or college-age daughters or nieces. You may have to go to Victoria’s Secret. And (after a full 6 weeks, so don’t bother thinking you will even consider it before then), you will have to fend off copious amounts of attention that your husband or partner will shower you with. You will have to “suffer” through the daily compliments from co-workers, friends, family and strangers on the street, such as, “Have you lost weight?”, “Are you working out?”, “My god, you look great!”. Lastly, though loath to admit it… before my surgery, not in my craziest dreams would I have imagined that a rude cat-call from a construction worker (one, that had it been made toward my daughter, would have made me seethe with anger) would later secretly make me smile in awe that I actually somehow looked attractive enough to warrant such rude behavior!

Dr. Pousti is the best. His staff is the best. His work is the best. I never, ever felt like just another patient. His staff was professional and treated me with respect (which isn’t easy when you are standing naked in front of the doctor and staff, with all of the flab and skin that you have spent years trying to hide just hanging out for inspection). I never ever felt in any way that Dr. Pousti ever touched me in an inappropriate way, nor that my privacy was disrespected. I have come in for multiple post op visits and he spends as much time and consideration with me as with any of my pre-surgery visits. He is a truly kind and thoughtful person, as well as an awesome surgeon and artist. I strongly recommend Dr. Pousti, and would be happy to speak with or show you the results of his skill in reshaping this middle-aged mom’s body into a very nice figure.