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San Diego Liposuction Blog

Mommy Makeover with Liposuction

This 33-year old mommy of 3 from Oceanside, California did extensive research for plastic surgery procedures, she decided to look into a mommy makeover which would include tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation/lift (mastopexy), and  liposuction surgery. In order to achieve her desired results safely, she was determined to find a board certified plastic surgeon to perform the multiple procedures. She wanted to improve her post-pregnancy body contours.

before front

before left side

The patient discovered Double Board Certified, Dr. Tom Pousti on the internet and couldn’t believe the amazing results of his mommy makeovers. She set up a consultation to meet with him right away once she lost the post-baby weight. During her consultation, Dr. Pousti provided his honest advice and explained to the patient that she would significantly benefit from an extended tummy tuck for the best results possible. She emphasized that she wanted to obtain fullness in her breasts and wanted a perkier look since they had changed and lost the volume after nursing her children. She knew after meeting the Doctor and his staff that she would be in good hands and decided to proceed with surgery.

3.13 markings dr front

The night prior to surgery, Dr. Pousti meets with the patient to go over the planned procedure and markings are performed.

3.13 mark front

Measurements are precise to provide symmetry. Liposuction is included to improve the contours. The patient is required to wear an abdominal binder and surgical bra for 4 weeks to help minimize the swelling and provide support.

She is 6-weeks post-op extended tummy tuck surgery with liposuction of the flanks and back. Dr. Pousti used saline-filled implants to achieve symmetry. The patient is very pleased with her new and improved look and looks forward to seeing the final results of surgery.

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Surgery

This 49-year old patient from San Diego, California was interested in tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and liposuction. A friend, who was a former patient of Dr. Pousti, referred her. Because of her autoimmune disease, which attacks her metabolism. The patient cannot control her weight gain, even with diet and exercise.

2.4 front

2.4 right

In order to achieve her desired look, Dr. Pousti preformed an extended tummy tuck and liposuction of the flanks, lower back, and posterior thigh. The patient is 14-months post-op surgery and is very happy with her results.

Body Contouring Surgery with Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

This 41-year old patient from San Diego, California had lost 20 pounds and was pleased with the weight loss but was unhappy with the loose skin around her abdominal area that didn’t bounce back.  She wanted to go to the best plastic surgeon for body contouring and found Dr. Pousti’s office in La Jolla California.

She was interested in tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) and liposuction.

Before Surgery
Before Surgery

The patient complained that even with diet and exercise, she was unable to achieve the body she desired.  The patient was not only concerned about her abdominal area but also unhappy with her sides and back. After examining the patient, Dr. Pousti discussed the benefits of having an extended tummy tuck surgery as well as a back lipectomy.  The patient and Dr. Pousti decided to proceed with this surgery.

In the operating room, Dr. Pousti took his time to achieve symmetry with the liposuction procedures as well as the abdominoplasty surgery.

The patient is now 6-weeks post-op extended tummy tuck, which includes back lipectomy, liposuction of the back, flanks, lateral and medial thighs. The patient is very excited about her new and improved look.

Mommy Makover with Liposuction

This 39-year mommy of 3, found Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti who is experienced in tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation with breast lift surgery (mastopexy) she was interested in a mommy makeover for several years after pregnancy and breast feeding.

3.8 front

3.8 left

The patient explained to Dr. Pousti that she was unhappy with the appearance of her abdomen and breasts after pregnancy and breast-feeding. During her consultation with Dr. Pousti, the patient was able to meet and speak with with his previous patients who were willing to share their experience. The patient was impressed and decided to proceed with surgery immediately.

O.R. 3.29 markings dr front office

O.R. 3.29 office markings dr

O.R. 3.29 markings front

The night before her surgery, the patient met with Dr. Pousti to map out her surgery in detail. He takes his time to explain to the patient the planned procedure while making the measurements and drawings on the patient. Dr. Pousti would performed an extended tummy tuck with liposuction of the flanks, back and outer thighs as well as breast lifting and augmentation..

O.R. 4.1 OR markings before surgery

The morning of surgery, markings were re-enforced. The patient has slight breast asymmetry, in order to achieve as much symmetry as possible, Dr. Pousti performed a limited breast lift on the left and a full breast lift with vertical incision on the right breast. Saline breast implants were used and filled to 390cc in the right breast and 420cc in the left breast with submuscular placement.

The patient is now 6-weeks post-op surgery and is very happy with her new mommy look.

Body Sculpture / Liposculture

This 19-year-old patient from San Diego, California was unhappy with the isolated excess adipose tissue (fatty tissue) around her abdomen, hips, thighs and back.



Even with dieting and regular exercise, the patient could not tone her problem areas and was interested in contouring her body with liposuction surgery.



She met with Dr. Pousti and decided to proceed with surgery after several consultations. The patient was a good candidate for liposuction and is now post op 4-months surgery, she is extremely happy with the results of her surgery.


This 37 year old patient was very uncomfortable with the look of her hips and thighs, she felt very disproportional. The patient was interested in liposculpture to contour her body figure.

P1010026 1

P1010045 1

Before                                                        After

The patient is about 4 months post-op liposuction surgery of the outer thighs, buttocks, flanks and back. The patient is extremely please with her new contoured body.

Liposuction / Liposculpture

This  patient from San Diego, California was interested in liposuction surgery. The patient researched for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Diego County and found Liposuction specialist Dr. Pousti in La Jolla. The patient wanted to improve her body proportions by trimming down her outer thighs.


Dr. Pousti will take his time to remove the excess adipose tissue (fatty tissue) around the outer thigh area taking care not to remove too much and keep the “feminine curves”.

The patient is now post-op liposuction of the flanks, lateral (outer) and medial (inner) thighs. She is very happy with her new body proportions.


This 32 year old from Menifee, California was interested in liposuction surgery of the abdomen area and her inner and outer thighs. Although she was committed to diet and exercise, she found it very difficult to improve the isolated fatty areas of her abdomen and thighs.

pictures 109

pictures 137

After finding Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti, she felt very comfortable with his bedside manner and his staff. She liked that he had three office locations, one of them being in Temecula/Murrieta area, which was very convenient for her follow ups. After discussing her options and the planned procedure, she decided that Dr. Pousti was the best plastic surgeon for her and decided to proceed with surgery.

In the operating room, Dr. Pousti does his very best to remove equal amounts of fatty tissue to provide symmetry.


To aid in recovery, she is instructed to wear a compression garment for one month after surgery to minimize swelling. Swelling and bruising is expected.

This patient is already 6 weeks out of liposuction surgery and extremely happy with her results.

Chris’s Story

Surgery Day – as told by the photographer.

Surgery is scheduled to start at 8:00 AM, I was asked to be there 2 hours prior, so I planned to be there by 6:00 AM. I woke up at 4:30 AM, and left at 5:30 AM, before dawn. There is no rain but sprinklers are going off.

The place we are going now is not a clinic, but a hospital surgery center. In the States, many plastic surgeons have a clinic where they do consultation and do follow up appointments for patients, and surgeries are done at the hospital elsewhere. It’s different from here where everything is done in the plastic surgery clinic. In Japan, we say “I’m going to hospital” lightly when we go for check ups and getting prescription, but in the States, if you say “I’m going to hospital”, people might get worried about you.

At 6:00 AM, we arrive at the surgery center.
Patients already wait at this early hour. It has a lighter atmosphere than Japanese counterpart, and there is a candy and coffee self service.

While waiting, Chris goes through the consent forms, and she signs them as she reads and agrees.

I also receive a paper to sign. It includes something like “not to touch the surroundings, not to faint, etc.”

About 30 mins before the schedule surgery, Chris is changed into a surgery gown and ready for the insertion of her IV. In the States, patients are not to eat after midnight, which is nice and clear compared to Japan, which is 6 hours prior to your surgery time.

Chris, who suddenly looks serious and says; “Grandpa in heaven, please watch over me….” Oh wow, it’s good to know this vivacious girl could be nervous too. “Wait, my grandpa is still alive!” Yes, that is my vivacious girl.

Pousti Plastic Surgery would be something like “Pousti Biyou Geka” in Japanese.

A message from the clinic; Dr. Pousti specializes in breast procedures and body contouring. The most popular procedure in our office is breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery. Yes, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty (nose) surgery is very common. When Dr. Pousti meets with patients, he makes sure that the patient is in good health and that the patient is performing surgery for the “right reason”. You have to be doing the surgery for yourself, not to make someone else happy.

I read their liposuction F&Q, which was similar to what we know in Japan. In Japan, we call it “Lipo (Lee-Po)”, but in the States, it’s know as “Lipo (Lai-po).

The photo gallery lets you see the photos of patients depending upon patients’ age, height, gender, skin color, bust/inplant size. In Japan, patients are pretty much all Japanese; here, there is a variety of people. That’ll be probably the reason why they let you do a specialized search. You can check Tummy Tuck here, which is getting popular in Japan.

Dr. Pousti starts marking Chris. Job gets done quickly with a good surgeon in any country.

The before picture of the patient is placed on the wall. Once the marked parts fat goes away, the beautiful silhouette will show.

I go in with scrubs, mask, and hair cap.

And shoes are covered. I’ve never seen those in Japan, so I didn’t understand what that was first. They make sure to keep everything they possibly can sterile.

Dr Pousti smiles for the camera and is ready to go!

In the states, Doctors and Nurses are board certified.

Operation time!

She goes under in 3 seconds with general anesthetic. A tube goes into respiratory tract quickly. From this moment on, everything moves so fast. A bladder tube gets inserted also.

Dr Pousti gently places tape on Chris’s eyes.

Everyone flips Chris’s body. Wait, Sideways? I was surprised since I’ve never seen that done in Japan.

The head is raised with pillow, and cushions go between legs and arms.

Surgical tools and appliances are similar to the ones used in Japan.

Oh, I recognize this one too!

Sterilization starts. Wow! Disinfectant looks like a chocolate sauce. The ones I’m used to see in Japan is liquid, so this is interesting. (In Japan, they use the disinfectant for vein injection.) Chris, you look yummy looking like chocolate banana!

The disinfectant gets spread with sponge.

Dr. Pousti is changed.
The robe string in back comes in front to tie; the way he twirls on his heels is very dashing.

It seems like he’s marking the parts that the cannule goes in.

Saline is inserted.

“One hundred”.
It’s the same as “100cc desu” in Japan.

Nurse who turns on the button studies Dr Pousti’s movement.

Scene where he inserts Saline.
This procedure is the same in Japan.

Only 10 minutes after going into surgery!!!

Here comes the first fat out from Miss Chris!
Everything gets done fast!

I’m used to seeing surgeries with epidural, so I’m shocked with how quick general anesthetic can go. Since patient is completely under, everything moves in a matter of second.

Since surgery is done in a hospital as opposed to the plastic surgery clinics in Japan, general anesthetic can be done with less risk.

There is a doctor who specializes in anesthetic watches the monitor with all her might.

Chris continues to dream nicely.

Nurse is holding the body so that the body doesn’t shake during suction since she’s on her side.

About in 30 minutes, right thigh is done.

Taping on incision part.

The other side.
Everyone helps to flip her over.
*In Japan where patients remain conscious, patients are told to get up here.

Again that chocolate sauce looking disinfectant.

The Ipod in surgery room. The music is on the entire time.

I hear he is super busy doctor in demand, sometimes having 40 cases of breast augmentation in a month.

Miss Chris from the other side.

Left side suction starts.

He changes the size of the cannule depending upon the parts – the same in Japan also.

Dr. Pousti checking the finishing look.

Suturing after changing the lights. The surgery light has the cap so that he can touch it with his surgical gloves.
Check out American version of Before and After.

It might be hard to see from sideway….

The upper part gets straight curve, and obtains feminine cuteness.

Next is the inner thighs and inner knees.
It’s done with open legs with tapes stabilizing her legs over the socks. Everything except the surgical parts is covered completely.

Dr Pousti turns gracefully for the third time. Sucking the fat from inner thigh by pressing them. Inner thighs done, and sutured.

A stretcher is ready next to her.

A compression garment is worn…. (the same design as Chuizy) I was told the garment is worn for a month to aid in the healing process and minimize swelling.

Sheets are used to transfer teh patient to the stretcher.

Then Chris is taken to the recovery room immediately after surgery.

Dr Pousti smiled and said to me, “It was a good experience for both of us.” Thank you Doctor Pousti!

While Chris is sleeping in the recovery room, flowers are delivered to her bedside from the Doctor.

Chris is ready to go home!

Liposuction of Lateral and Medial Thighs

This 30-year old patient from Wyoming came to Dr. Pousti for liposuction surgery. She wanted to find a board certified plastic surgeon to perform liposculpture on her medial and lateral thighs. She felt that diet and exercise did not improve the contours of her thighs and knew she would benefit from the procedure.


The patient flew in for surgery after several consults via email and telephone. She felt very comfortable with the Doctor’s experience and his website which is filled with endless before and after photos of patients.

The patient is required to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling for 4 weeks. Massaging the areas will help prevent any irregularities.

The patient is 2-years post-op surgery and is extremely happy with her results. She keeps in touch with the Doctor via email.